#6 & #40: Let's Hear it for Death!

A Chronicle of a Death Foretold would have been better if I hadn't been horrifically distracted by trying to sort out who the narrator was. I know, minor point, but it took me right out of the story and the supposed message, etc. Every now and then I get waylaid by a book, thinking that something neat is going on - when in fact, it isn't. Ultimately I am disappointed by the end, when it is clear that the author is not the least bit interested in answering my obscure questions or speaking to my wild theories. Aside from my mental meanderings though, the book was lovely, original and much like A Farewell to Arms, unflinchingly detailed in it's medical descriptiveness. Sheesh.

Deadeye Dick was amazingly, surprisingly good. Clearly this is not an opinion shared by all - though the funniest review of it that I found complained that it peaked about 3/4 of the way through and the rest was just filler. hehe. I was enamoured of his concept of endings and the bravery needed to confront this idea. Some things just need saying, and I thought he said them very well. This is my fourth Vonnegut book and while there were connections to his other work (Dwayne the auto guy!) the tone of the book separates it from his larger body of writing. Highly recommended - and not just for the recipes.

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