Late Nights on Air

Popular literature at its best, this novel (set in Yellowknife in the early 1970's) tells the story of a small outreach radio station of the CBC and its late night denizens. The simplicity of this book highlights the incredible insight of the author, who with deft ease drops piercing pieces of truth seamlessly into the narrative. Highly readable and entertaining, Hay manages to keep pace with the characters she creates, stretching and growing the story in truly spectacular fashion. There are several stories happening here, and the most singular thing about the book is how she manages to maintain the simplicity of the plot while incorporating so many intricacies on both the conscious and metaconscious level.

Of all the books I have read over the past few months this is the first one I would recommend without hesitation to the family. It is enjoyable, unpretentious and enriching - in short, deeply satisfying.

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